Gold Package



  • 2 bucket wash

  • Bug and Tar Removal

  • Clay bar

  • 2 step compound and polish

  • IPA wipe down

  • Polymer Sealant

  • Tire Gel

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Shampoo Carpets

  • Steam clean interior

  • Leather Treatment

Our gold package is our most popular which will leave your vehicle looking better than it did off the showroom floor. As always our 2-bucket wash method and bug and tar removal. We also clay bar the vehicle and provide a 2-stage detail of the exterior of the car. Compounding the vehicle will remove 90% of paint defects. This removes swirl marks, marring, and light scratches. The second step is a polish to enhance the depth of the paint to give it the top quality shine everyone wants. Before applying any protection the paint will go through an IPA wipe down to remove any oils from polishes. And finally, topped off is a coat of polymer sealant to protect the finish for 4-6 months. Tire gel to give a natural new looking tire. Interior will be vacuumed and carpets will be shampoo to remove the dirt build up and extracted. The rest of the interior will be steam cleaned which does not include any chemicals only steam to clean interior. All leather will be treated to prevent from sun fade and cracking in the leather.

Platinum Package



  • 2 bucket wash

  • Bug and tar removal

  • Decontamination

  • Multi-step polishing

  • IPA Wipe down

  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

  • *9 Year Guarantee Card*

  • Hydrophobic Coating 

  • Glass Coat 1 year Durability

  • Wheel Coating

  • Carpet Shampoo and extraction

  • Interior Steam Clean

  • Leather Treatment

  • Engine Bay degrease and protection

Our platinum package is our top of the line package that provides full exterior paint correction and interior detailing. Engines degreased and protection is also provided within this package. First off the paint is properly prepped by clay barring to remove any contaminants.  Then any panels that need to be wet-sanded will be taken care of to remove orange peel and heavier scratches. Then the paint will go through numerous stages of polishing to remove swirls, marring, and fine scratches to enhance the paints finish.  After all polishing is through the paint will be wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to remove all oils prior to the coatings application. Each panel is carefully examined to ensure that the paint is ready for a coating. Then the coating is applied one panel at a time by hand.

 Engine detail will include a full degrease and steam cleaned any polished surfaces will be hand polished to remove oxidation and water marks. All plastic will be coated with a non-silicone dressing.

 Interior detailing includes full carpet shampoo and extraction and steam clean to remove and dirt and grime. All leather is properly cleaned and treated with a leather conditioner to protect from fading, cracking and to keep the oils from drying out. 

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