About Us


Auto, boats, planes & RVs detailing specialist. 


JJ’s Detailing incorporated as of 2015 is here for all of your detailing needs whether it is full paint correction on your showroom perfect car or your daily driven vehicle. As a true car enthusiast starting right out of high school working with classic muscle cars to higher-end vehicles. I have enjoyed my surroundings of these vehicles and has inspired me as a detailer to keeping these types of cars top notch for shows.

 Jeffery Janusz is the owner and operator of this business. Soon after working at another shop, he started doing more and more detailing on the side for family and friends. It became a second nature and relaxing at mind. Before I knew it I had customers I did not know in person contacting me to detail their vehicles. Having near 7 years of experience, I still have the passion for detailing vehicles.


What we do

Whatever your detailing needs may be we handle it all. We provide interior, exterior, or engine detailing.  Whether it is something simple as a wash, clay and polymer paint protection or a full on 20+-hour paint correction and glass coat. We provide only what’s needed or wanted to our customers and will never sell something that the customer does not want. We take the same pride into our work whether you have a daily driven vehicle, work vehicle, mini van or an exotic vehicle. We like to provide the best work no matter what vehicle is being driven.

 We provide only the best work to satisfy your needs.  Every vehicle is done with care and properly inspected before and after the job is done. There is no service fee for doing so this is just part of doing the job correctly. The products we use do not fill in flaw but removes any flaws in the paint. Therefore no glaze is used after our correcting work. And before the application of a coating or sealant we do a final wipe down to ensure that the sealant or coating will have the best bond to the surface as possible.  Wax is not our favorite product to use but a polymer sealant due to the fact it lasts longer than wax. This sealant will last 4-6 months all depending on your maintaining of the vehicle.

 Coatings are our top package, a product that will last 12-18 months for top protection. This is a semi-permanent coating to your vehicles paint and protects through the harshest weather. Those of you who live in Illinois will know about dealing with snow.  This would be the ideal package to go with if you care about your vehicles paint. The requirements are having the vehicle for 2-3 days due to having to correct the paint before application and the product must have a full 24- hour cure time.

For any further information about our products or services feel free to contact us!